The earliest form of suspension was used on an ox-wagon. Itencompasseda platform swing on an iron chain, attached to the wheeled frame of the wagon. This structure remained the foundation for all suspension structures for a very long time thereafter.
Vehicles were initially developed as moving versions of horse-drawn carriages. Bear in mind, horse-drawn carriages had been designed for a relatively slower speed, this means that they wouldn’t work well on advanced vehicles.
Industrialization spurred the idea of spring suspension. The first fully thought out idea of spring suspension was registered by Obadiah Elliot. He’s idea was that each wheel must have two durable steel leaf springs, and the carriage body must be fixed directly to the springs, which were attached to the axles.
In 1901, Mors of Paris first fitted a vehicle with shock absorbers. Shock absorbers have two sole purposes. However, apart from controlling the movement of suspension and springs. Shock absorbers also keep your tyres in contact with the ground. This meant that, at rest or while moving, the bottom surface of your tyres are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road. With the advantage of a restrained suspension system, Henri Fournier won the respected Paris-to-Berlin race on 20th June in 1901. Henri’swinning time was 11 hours, 46 minutes and 10 seconds.
In 1906, the Brush Motor Company first manufactured production vehicles with coil springs. Because of the success of the running of these vehicles, modern cars are manufactured with coil springs.
In 1920, Leyland Motors used torsion bars as part of a standard suspension system.
In 1922, independent front suspension was established on the Lancia Lambda and thereafter became common on mass productionvehicles from 1932.Modern cars now have independent suspension on all four wheels.
In 2002, a brand-new passive suspension component was invented by Malcolm C. Smith, by using the inerter theory that he introduced. This increased the effective inertia of a wheel suspension using a geared flywheel, but without adding significant mass.
Suspension now comes in several types, for different car models, and has set specifications for each. It’s a product that is constantly upgraded and improved.
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