Questions About 4X4 Driving

What is the difference between part-time and full-time and 4WD systems?

A part time AWD system locks the driveshaft’s together and with a full-time system, it makes use of a centre differential so that the front and back drive shafts can turn at different speeds. So basically, with a full-time 4WD system you are able to use 4WD, well, full-time. But when using a part-time system, you should rather switch to 2WD during each day driving on dry surfaces.

 Why shouldn’t you use Part-Time 4WD on a dry surface?

With a part-time system, it locks the front and back drive shafts together. However, thanks to physics, the front and back wheels will travel at different speeds when you’re turning. This will be fine when you are on surfaces like snow or sand where your tires can naturally slip to compensate. On a dry surface, the extra grip can bind the driveline and cause wear on certain parts.

Can you shift into 4WD High-Range at any speed?

You will be able to shift into your 4WD High-Range when you are stationary or while you are driving up to 88km/h.p

For how long can I drive in 4WD High-Range?

In a full-time system, you won’t need to switch your mode. In a part-time system, you should only drive in 4WD high-range if the road is loose, wet or slippery, you should switch to 2WD as soon as the conditions improve.

How fast should you drive in 4WD High Range?

Usually, as fast as the road conditions allow you to drive.

What exactly is 4WD Low-Range?

This mode is used temporarily when you are on a tricky terrain or when you nneed that extra pulling power. The vehicle will lock the front and back drive shafts together and the power is then sent through extra gears for more torque. 4WD Low-Range is not suitable for everyday driving. Unless you are pulling boats up slipways on the daily.

Can you shift into 4WD Low-Range at any speed?

No, only up to 5km/h. Shift it into neutral, or press in your clutch. Then while you are coasting, shift the transfer case lever through neutral and into low-range and then put it back into gear.

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