What Makes a Great Off-Road Vehicle?

Even though most off-road vehicles have certain traits in common, each and every brand and model can differ greatly from the next one. Because of this, there are a few things you should consider before choosing a 4×4, to ensure that you’re selecting the very best model for you and your lifestyle.

What is an off-road vehicle?

Unlike most other vehicles, an off-road vehicle is any vehicle that can be easily driven both on and off the ground and paved roads. These off-road vehicles are known as 4×4’s, this is because all four wheels are powered, compared to most other vehicles where only two wheels are powered.

It is this extra stability and power that makes 4×4’s suitable for harsher driving conditions.

What to look for in an off-road vehicle?
When it comes to the performance of off-road vehicles, their capabilities depend on several design features. The ground gearing, clearance, departure angles and approach will affect how much off-road power a vehicle has, however, these features can also impact on-road movement.
You will need to consider how much of your time you’ll be spending driving off-road and on-road, in order to decide on the features, you will benefit from most and to find the best 4×4 for your specific needs.
Choosing an engine for your off-road vehicle
Before you decide on a model, it’s important to know whether you would prefer a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine. 4×4’s like the Land Cruiser and the Hilux have diesel engines, whereas the RAV4 offers a choice of diesel, petrol and hybrid engines.
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