It is extremely important to ensure that you are buying the right kind of shocks for your car, there are a number of different types of shocks to choose from namely: standard shocks, gas shocks, automatic level-control shocks, heavy duty shocks, overload shocks and air shocks. With the tips below, you should be able to tell which shocks are right for your car.

  • Standard shocks – Standard shocks are usually provided with your car when you purchase it. These shocks are basic and standard, without any special features and they will rarely last more than 100,000 miles.
  • Gas shocks – Gas shocks are usually provided as the original shocks which will come with your car. These shocks are created with nitrogen gas and oil sealed inside, which is what cushions your ride. These type of shocks will last longer on smaller vehicles than standard shocks, as they are able to handle the extra bouncing that the smaller cars tend towards.
  • Automatic level-control shocks – The automatic level-control shocks will have an air pump that activates in order to level out weight distribution in the car, they are mostly found only on luxury cars. Any driving with extra trunk weight or with a full load of passengers can cause the air pump to add pressure to the shocks in order to compensate for the added weight.
  • Heavy duty shocks – Heavy duty shocks have bigger beefed-up attachment points, centre shaft and a bigger diameter than your standard shocks. These shocks are made for vans, trucks and SUV’s and other vehicles that are going to carry a larger load. They deliver a stiffer ride until the load gets heavier, in which case they will even out.
  • Overload shocks – Overload shocks are also known as coil-over shocks, they have a spring coil fitted around the outside of the shock cylinder. The coil helps your off-road vehicles such as dune buggies and rock climbers stiffen the reflex action of the shock.
  • Air shocks – Air shocks are more of a manual process, they are similar to the automatic level-control shocks in nature in that air needs to be added to the shock absorbers by the vehicles driver in order to dampen the drive.

There are many different types of shock absorbers on the market today and purchasing the correct shocks for your vehicle is extremely important. At AmadaXtreme we specialise in heavy duty shock absorbers and suspension systems built to a very high standard. Visit our website on for more information.

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