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How does a 4×4 car differ from a SUV?

How does a 4×4 car differ from a SUV?

Over 90% of vehicles in the USA that are described as “off-road”, aren’t even four-wheel drive models. This feature is not part of some versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is regarded as an off-road vehicle. Furthermore, even vehicles that are fitted with a 4×4 drive are not fitted with an off-road reduction gearbox… Continue Reading

How Vehicle Suspension Systems Influence Driving

How Vehicle Suspension Systems Influence Driving

Suspension is a vital part of many vehicles designs, regardless of how smooth the surface is, it’s still important, especially in off-road and 4×4 vehicles. Keeping that in mind, how do these systems actually work? What are the factors behind suspension systems and perhaps more importantly, what could a poor suspension system do to your… Continue Reading

4×4 Tires Size & Lifting

Tire Size When it comes to tire sizes, what is considered big? Back in the day all we wanted was a new set of 31-inch Armstrong Norsemen tires for our ’71 Ford Bronco. And then before long, the 33’s were what everyone was talking about and actually enjoyed a good run as the go-to tire… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Upgrading Roll Bars on 4x4s

As they come off the factory floor, most 4-wheel drive vehicles that come fitted with rear anti-roll bars tend to favour stiff handling which can take away from your driving experience. By bettering the balance of your vehicle and tyres, upgrading your roll bars will not only transform the comfort of your drive, but will… Continue Reading

The Benefits of a Steel Front Bumper

For everyday driving purposes, factory bumpers generally do a good job of protecting the bodywork of your vehicle from damages, rust and weathering. They are lightweight and generally easy to install or replace without assistance. Though for those who get extreme use out of their 4x4s, stock bumpers generally simply do not cut it. In… Continue Reading

Leaf Springs

In the suspension world, leaf springs are the easy ones. They do not require that much effort to set up, they’re easy to maintain, they’re durable and they are easy to lift. The leaf spring is also one of the very first suspension styles used. They might be the easy to use but these suspension… Continue Reading

Coil Spring Suspensions

Coil Springs When set up properly, coil springs will offer you the best pavement ride, and your vehicle will also be able to handle trail use with ease. Coil spring suspensions use a coil spring at each of the corners of a vehicle with link arms in place that act as pivots. Most of the… Continue Reading

The Importance of Vehicle Suspension

When one considers the function of vehicle suspension to ensure a safe and smooth ride, it can be difficult to imagine that they in fact, carry a number of other functions as well. Suspension is one of the most important components on your vehicle, which makes taking care of them, and replacing them when the… Continue Reading

Signs that your Vehicle Suspension needs Replacing

Generally speaking, your vehicles suspension should be replaced at least every 80 000 kilometres. They are built to last, and are an essential performance and safety feature for any vehicle. Unfortunately, your suspension could take damage sooner than that, essentially putting you and your vehicle at risk. Because of this it is important to keep a… Continue Reading


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