Why Your Bakkie Needs a Grille Guard

Many of us South Africans are proud bakkie owners. They are extremely functional and practical vehicles for everyday life, but when it comes to the 4×4 variety, these vehicles are often put through their paces. Because of this, owners are always looking for a way to expand on their functionality, to give them a little extra protection and to give them more endurance. While there are many ways to do this, a foundational approach, and one that is cost effective, involves having the right grille guard installed to your vehicle; and here are a few good reasons why.

Added Space for Accessories

There is a lot you can do to add on to your bakkie, but in order to make space for the additional bells and whistles you will need to first have a grille guard installed. Already present accessories will likely not be affected by the new grille guard, except that they will have the added benefit of additional protection.

More and Better Aesthetics

On a more aesthetic level, having a new grille guard installed to your vehicle will add significantly to its style and sense of uniqueness, but will do so in a way that is subtle and complimentary. It will not only give your vehicle a much tougher look, but will also allow you to add additional accessories that add to the style of your bakkie.

Protection in Minor Accidents

There is little you can do to protect your car from major accidents, but as far as minor ones go, that only generally cause damage to the bodywork of a vehicle, a grille guard and the accessories that it facilitates will do a lot to cushion the blow from small accidents. Since bakkies with guards are generally used under harsh conditions, this is often a necessary protective measure for the bodywork of 4x4s.

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