Why AmadaXtreme Shocks Shake Up the Competition

Finding the right shock absorber for your vehicle will make all the difference to its performance, comfort and longevity. There are tonnes of different products on the market, many of which will meet most of the needs of your vehicle admirably. However, most of these have particular drawbacks, whether they be the cost, the quality, the lifespan or their performance. This makes selecting the right one for your vehicle somewhat tricky. Because of this, our 4×4 suspension specialists  are here to show you why AmadaXtreme shocks will almost always be your best choice.

Quality products from International Manufacturers

AmadaXtreme shocks are made from exceptionally high quality allows to ensure their functionality and structural integrity. These parts are manufactured in Japan and Thailand, where some of the world’s most popular motoring parts come from. This can be seen as an assurance of quality, especially considering that these shocks have been produced by the same manufacturers for over 30 years.

A Product for South African Roads and Trails

While these shocks are produced abroad, they are manufactured with the South African driver in mind. South Africa has one of the harshest terrains on the planet, characterised by hardy brush and brutal rocky earth. Tackling this terrain in a high-performance vehicle requires specialised components; and the needs of drivers in this challenging climate are met beautifully by AmadaXtreme shocks.

A Lifetime of R&D

When a product has been around for as long a time as AmadaXtreme shocks have, they need to undergo constant development to ensure that they keep on meeting a motorist’s needs in an ever changing market. Since these shocks have been around for around 3 decades, they have undergone continual research and development to keep giving motorists more value when they use them.

An Extensive Warranty, Regardless of your Mileage

With any car components, there is a need for a comprehensive warranty that keeps you covered should they fail prematurely. This is often measured in mileage, which isn’t always a fair reflection of a product’s life-cycle. These shocks, on the other hand, come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty that covers an unlimited span of mileage; which helps you get the most value for money out of your shocks, particularly in the unlikely event that they are defective.

Contact Newton Diesel Performance for Details

If you would like to learn more about how our quality shocks can transform the way you drive your vehicle, or would like to find out about some of our other products and services, give a representative from AmadaXtreme a call today, or visit our website for additional information.

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