Why AmadaXtreme Shocks are Perfect for the South African Terrain

South Africa has a unique and charismatic set of landscapes. Get out of the city and take to our rolling hills, and you will find some of the most challenging and rewarding off-road trails in existence. These trails are often extremely brutal however, and as such, require your vehicle to make use of components that prepare it for the challenges of a harsh environment. While there are many different types of shocks out there that will do the job admirably, very few of them can hold a candle to AmadaXtreme shocks, which have been designed specifically to meet South African terrains head on.

Longevity and Consistent Performance

Get off of the beaten track and you will find kilometre after kilometre of seemingly impassable terrain; gruelling landscapes and routes that will put your vehicle to the test over long spans of time and distance. To be able to drive through such conditions with confidence, you need to be able to have faith in the reliability of your shocks. In short, you need to know that they will go that extra mile and last longer. AmadaXtreme suspension systems are the perfect solution for this, since each one of them is built to last.

Durability Under Most Circumstances

As mentioned before, South Africa has some of the harshest terrains in the world, and much of our country is covered buy them. Rocky hills, desert-scapes and hardy velds are but a few of the challenges that your heavy duty shock absorbers will be expected to work against, so you will need a product that is strong enough to meet these challenges head on.

Cost Effectiveness

Budget is always a factor when fitting a car with shocks, and so it is with heavy-duty ones as well. Obviously, the absolute cheapest option is not always the best one. Cutting corners on costs will likely wind you up with an inferior product that will die quickly, or even put you and your vehicle in danger. AmadaXtreme shocks may not be the cheapest, but with them you know you are getting what you pay for; and what you pay for may still come at less of a cost than other, less-effective products.

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