The Advantages of Fitting Air Spring Suspension to Your 4×4

Motorist who frequently carry heavy loads understand how the additional weight can contribute to a less safe, less comfortable ride. When it comes to meeting these challenges, suspension takes on most of the work. Because of this, having the right type of suspension fitted to your vehicle can make all the difference. There are a number of suspension solutions out there for you to opt for, but few solutions can add up to the quality of air spring suspension kits sold by 4×4 shops in South Africa, and here are the reasons why.

Increased Safety with Heavy Loads

When transporting heavy loads, there is a substantial amount of pressure put on your suspension. This can affect braking speed, stability, and could lead to uneven weight distribution which can cause your load to sway. All of these factors can make the trip a dangerous one. Since air spring suspension allows for adjustable loads through deflating and inflating the springs, they give you greater control over weight distribution, depending on the size of your load. This leads to a far safer ride.

Protecting your Vehicle Components

Uneven weight distribution from heavy loads can also result in a few of the vehicle’s components taking damage. Most notable of these, are the tires, which will likely wear unevenly and eventually become unsafe to use. When operating the vehicle, heavy loads can also cause your frame and axel to make contact, which makes the ride less stable as the vehicle jars during movement.

Works with Your Existing Springs

Air spring suspension is relatively easy to setup, and is highly compatible with your existing coil or leaf springs. They simply fit over your current ones to enhance their performance, make them adjustable, and allow for a smoother, safer ride.

Contact AmadaXtreme for Details

These are but a few of the slew of advantages offered by air spring suspension systems. To benefit from these and many more, contact a specialist from AmadaXtreme today, or visit our website for additional details on our offers.

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