Why Your 4×4 Needs A Bull Bar

4 reasons your 4x4 needs a bull bar

There are many different reasons why 4×4 manufacturers place front nudge or bull bars on their vehicles. They add a much appreciated aesthetic flare to the vehicle without diminishing the original look that the brand and vehicle designers were originally going for. They are also highly practical, adding more value, function and a protective barrier to the vehicle. A favourite characteristic of a 4×4 for many people is the versatility of the vehicle, it is equipped for many terrains and it can do more than the average sedan ever could, while still offering comfort and a great driving experience.

The Purpose Of The Bull Bar

A bull bar is a essentially a protective barrier for your vehicle against the various external objects and elements that you might come into contact with. This is especially true for those who use their 4×4 in a more natural terrain context rather than in-town driving. The 4×4 has been designed with a purpose of toughness and independence in mind. The bull bar is there to reinforce that toughness. If a vehicle with a front nudge bar had a slight collision with a wall it would be okay, where as a sedan or even an SUV might not fare as well, and actually have some form of damage.

A Few Reasons To Have A Bull Bar

There are a few reasons that prove the beneficial elements of a bull bar. Firstly, it is a barrier for added protection. Secondly, it helps protect your vehicle in the event of an animal collision and it will minimise the risk of the vehicle occupants as well as the damage of the vehicle. It helps you mount necessary aspects to the vehicle, such as a sand flag for any desert, sand dune and other off roading activities to help ensure the safety of everyone. They help with angle approaching to driving and navigating tough terrain, it also prevents damage and body breakage while navigating those terrains.

Amada Xtreme

A bull bar is a very practical addition to any 4×4 that is why many of these vehicles are accessorised with them. If you need a new addition to your 4×4, be sure to visit Amada Xtreme to view the different accessories that they offer to make your vehicle a true driving pleasure.

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